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About SRC

Students’ Representative Council(SRC) is encompassed of the Presidents, Vice Presidents, Treasurers, Secretaries and members. The most important aspect of the SRC is that its members are elected annually by the student body to represent and serve the student interest.

At PIC, Students’ Representative Council is a completely student-run organization. Student Council is strongly afforded a large amount of autonomy and may use this opportunity to craft the kind of experiences they wish to have, as well as to shape the future of PIC . Here at PIC, students of all years, all backgrounds, and all interests are given the responsibility, the resources, and the respect necessary for that to happen. Students’ Council works with administrators, Board members, and faculty members throughout the year, advocating for the interests and needs of students. 

The Presidents, Vice President Student Affairs Division and the Officer meet up in a weekly basis to 
review, discuss ideas and student interests. As stakeholders in the community, the voices, opinions, and ideas of students are present on almost every committee at PIC, from the committee that sets the budget to the committee that creates and reviews the admission policies and criteria. Students’ Representative Council also controls the funding for student organizations and clubs. 

Members of the Student Representative Council (SRC) work together with university administration to ensure that the voice of the students is being heard and that issues and concerns are resolved in a way that benefits PIC community.

SRC carries out this work with the following objectives:

Represent students 
Research global student concerns and propose viable solutions
Educate students on current policies

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