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Vision & Mission


To be a world-class, internationally-recognized education institution offering market-driven programs of high quality to produce leaders of tomorrow.


To excel in teaching, research and learning activities and to embed within students the necessary skillset and intelligence that meet national and international needs in order to create a competitive advantage for them.

1. To provide students with holistic education combining knowledge of the cutting edge in vast areas of management, IT, arts and design, and important soft skills and quotients as deemed necessary by the workplace;

2. To identify new market-driven programs and to strengthen the current curriculum in response to the changing world;

3. To nurture the spirit of intellectual curiosity and lifelong learning;

4. To inculcate the importance of ethical behavior, integrity, responsibility and professional conduct;

5. To promote a high performance work culture rendering excellent services to internal and external customers;

6. To improve the facilities at the workplace including maintaining a conducive environment for teaching, research and learning activities;

7. To enhance the career development of all faculty and administrative staff through career planning and continuous training and development programs;

8. To encourage research and consultancy activities to advance knowledge and to contribute to the common good;

9. To engage in outreach activities as good corporate citizens for the benefits of the community;

10. To promote the reputation and good name of the college;

11. To collaborate with other academic institutions and the industry to elevate students' knowledge and skills and to promote the exchange of ideas for mutual benefits.



Educate - To provide a holistic education encompassing both technical and soft skills including, but not limited to, emotional training, communicational skills, ethical conduct, analytical and conceptual thinking ability and lifelong learning.

Rejuvenate - To challenge best practices and traditional assumptions by thinking "outside the box".

Elevate - To become leaders and entrepreneurs.

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