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Diploma in Accounting (R/344/4/0006) 02/21 A0138

The Diploma in Accounting program has been designed with the objective of training graduates in the field of accountancy at a sub professional level. Some of the core subjects include English, Economics, Marketing, IT, Management, Finance, Financial Accounting, Mathematics, Statistics, Law, Cost Accounting, Auditing, Advanced Accounting, Taxation and Financial Reporting. The majority of our diploma holders later enroll in Trine University’s undergraduate program for further studies.

Career Path:
This program prepares students to either continue into a degree program or to join the industry. The graduates will be able to join in Middle Management level in a wide range of business areas like accounting, information systems, marketing, human resource management and office management.

Admission Requirement: 3 credits in SPM/UEC and pass in Mathematics

Course Duration: 2 years

Course Structure:

QM1100Business Statistics3
ENG1104English Composition I3
CS1103Introduction to Computer Applications3
MGT1100Introduction to Business Management3
MTH1202Business Mathematics3
ENG1205English Composition II3
ACT1303Management Accounting II 3
MKT1400Marketing Principles3
ACT1301Management Accounting I3
ACT1203Taxation I3
LAW1401Business Law3
MGT1602E Business Management 3
ACT1205Taxation II3
ACT1201Financial Accounting I3
ACT1302Financial Accounting II3
ACT1211Financial Accounting III3
MGT1605Introduction to Entrepreneurship3
MGT1606Organisational Behavior3
FIN1205Financial Management I3
ACT1206Financial Accounting V3
ACT1312Financial Accounting IV3
FIN1304Financial Management II3
COM1301Accounting Information System3
MPU2223Effective Speaking3
MPU2412Projek Insaniah2
LAW1402Company Law3
MPU2163Pengajian Malaysia II3


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